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In Luke 14, Jesus didn’t need to manufacture an object lesson, He reclined at one. Dining at the house of a ruler of the Pharisees created a ready-made on-ramp for talking about wedding feasts, dinners, and banquets and how common … Continue reading

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Talking to a brother after church yesterday morning, we managed to linger together long enough to get past the “How are you?” pleasantries and go a bit deeper into the “How ARE you?” realities. We talked about how this season … Continue reading

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The One Thing Necessary

She welcomed Him when others tested Him. She set a table for Him while others sought to set a trap for Him. She was ready to minister to Him, but as the Master was so often wont to do, at … Continue reading

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Consider Your Ways

We can do so much of what we do thoughtlessly. So easy for us to go on autopilot — doing what we do because we’ve always done it. And often it’s because we allow ourselves to be driven by what … Continue reading

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Heart Matters

I’m up in B.C. for a few days this week helping my daughter and family move. And I’m reminded again that, when it comes to my morning quiet time, I find it really difficult when I’m out of my environment … Continue reading

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The Surpassing Worth of Losing It All

For many, it simply wouldn’t add up. They’d do the math, look at the profit and loss statement, and then take a pass on making the trade. But not Paul. He was all in. Convinced of the surpassing worth of … Continue reading

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Turn Away our Eyes

The songwriter gets a little demanding in the fifth stanza of his epic love song concerning the word of God (Psalm 119:33-40). In many ways, it’s all about him. Teach me Your statutes, O LORD. Give me understanding. Lead me. … Continue reading

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Get It!

Urgency. If there’s one word that captures the tone of these opening chapters of Proverbs it’s urgency. Nothing optional in Solomon’s exhortation. Nothing secondary in it’s nature. To heed Solomon’s repetitious pleading, if you were developing your life’s “to do” … Continue reading

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