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Reproof. The Way of Life?

After reading Proverbs 6 this morning, was chewing a bit on the old adage, “Play with fire, you’re gonna get burned.” The fire of temptation, you don’t want to mess with it. Seems I was noodling on the same thing … Continue reading

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Talking to a brother after church yesterday morning, we managed to linger together long enough to get past the “How are you?” pleasantries and go a bit deeper into the “How ARE you?” realities. We talked about how this season … Continue reading

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Consider What You Do

Written for the ancient people of God, but preserved for the current people of God. Spoken to a specific group of men so that they might hear and obey, but recorded for all men and women so that we might … Continue reading

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Ponder the Way

It’s a sanctification song. A song that aspires to holiness. David’s desire for personal holiness. And, David’s determination to do everything he can do to promote holiness within his kingdom. It’s a song born of a longing to model steadfast … Continue reading

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The Spirit Who Remains in Our Midst

It’s not a hard ask if the answers are good. Digging deep works fine if you’re pretty sure you’re gonna uncover gold. But going introspective can be risky if you’re not sure you’re gonna like what you find. Or, worse … Continue reading

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