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For God So Loves the World

I am far from an expert or scholar when it comes to the Old Testament prophets. However, having read through them at least once a year for the past several years, I do feel like I’ve become more familiar with … Continue reading

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A Little Leaven

When you know how the story’s going to turn out, the first time you encounter this in Joshua you can’t help but cringe. And then, every subsequent time it happens there seems to ring an ominous bell tolling a warning … Continue reading

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Sometimes, It Is About Us (2009 Rerun)

Hovering over Psalm 85 this morning. And while the mind is spinning, the fingers aren’t getting much traction. Finding it hard to put thought into sentences, impressions into paragraphs. What grabbed me is the songwriters’ plea for restoration and revival. … Continue reading

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Listen to Me

Was awake earlier than I had hoped this morning. So, did a “double portion” of my reading plan. And reading Psalm 80 and Psalm 81 back-to-back provided context for a conversation between God and His people that I would have … Continue reading

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The Gospel Covers the Gap

Travel day today. Made my way to a bit of paradise today to mark our 36th anniversary, remember the past 35, and take advantage of some extended quiet time (can Maui be considered one’s prayer closet? . . . hoping … Continue reading

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Let Your Face Shine

They were God’s vineyard. As a vine brought out of Egypt, they had driven out the nations, been planted, and had taken deep root in a land prepared for them. And for a time they flourished. They had grown to … Continue reading

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Expose to Restore

Jeremiah’s eyes flowed with tears. As he stood amidst the ruins of what was once the splendor of Israel, he was overwhelmed with sorrow. The prophet could not contain himself as the Spirit of God upon him was overwrought as … Continue reading

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The Hush of Grace

I’m hovering over the first part of 1Kings 19 this morning. And you can’t help but notice the stark contrast between the two mounts Elijah stands upon. The first, Mount Carmel, was a mount of victory (1Kings 18:20-40). The place … Continue reading

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Aim for Restoration

No church is perfect. Kind of an understatement when talking about the church at Corinth. There was confusion, there was contention, and there was transgression. If there was ever a messed up body of believers it was the crazy saints … Continue reading

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