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For He Will Broaden Your Understanding

Weary from grief (Psalm 119:28). That’s the songwriter’s bottom line — if he were talking in CSB language. If ESV language, “My soul melts away for sorrow.” And if he allowed Peterson to put words in his mouth, “My sad … Continue reading

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Revive Us Again

I’m hoping David did not write Psalm 71 (though I suspect he might have). How come? ‘Cause Psalm 71’s songwriter self-identifies as “old and gray”, and David lived to be only 70 years old (2Sam. 5:4, 1Ki. 2:10-11). So, if … Continue reading

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Give Me Life

The plea has been scattered 6 times thus far throughout Psalm 119. But in the eight verses I’m hovering over this morning it is repeated three times. Chewing on the songwriters concentrated request to “give me life.” Plead my cause … Continue reading

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The Lion Who Heals

When the going got tough they turned to the world to keep going (Hosea 5:13). Not surprising, for long ago they had stopped seeking their God. They had forsaken the Lord of heaven for the fleeting pleasures of spiritual adultery … Continue reading

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