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The Weighed Down Heart

Hung out with friends from out of town yesterday. They arrived on Sunday afternoon and we did a lot of our visiting in the way that we know how to do it best–over food. Yesterday morning we went out for … Continue reading

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An Agapao Spectrum

Hovering over Paul’s final words to Timothy this morning. Thinking about this man who knew his “departure” was at hand–ready to be loosed from his earthly moorings and to set sail. Reflecting on what it was for him to have … Continue reading

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Worth the Trip

Was up in B.C. for most of this week, hanging out with my daughter and her family. And grandkid-filled days result in sleep-filled nights. Amazing how a three-year-old and a one-year-old can run a fifty-eight-year-old into the ground. What a … Continue reading

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If I Knew . . . I Still Would

Kind of interesting how observations from two completely unrelated passages can come together to get the mind churning. Something I read this morning from a preacher and then a reminder concerning a prophet came together and started me thinking. Noodling … Continue reading

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The Highway of Holiness

It’s a prophecy concerning them, but it has been preserved for us. Depending on how you interpret it, it’s either been fulfilled or will be fulfilled . . . or, perhaps, was partially fulfilled and is yet to be fully … Continue reading

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A Funny Thing (a 2013 rerun)

Reading in 2Chronicles again this morning.  Hovering over the account of King Asa’s reign and thinking again of how easy it seems to be for those who start well to not finish so well.  That seeking the LORD now doesn’t … Continue reading

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