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Our Identity

Identity. It gets a lot of play these days. Who am I? What am I? Am I what I think I am? Or am I something other than I think I am? Such confusion. This morning, I’m grateful for some … Continue reading

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Identity in the Identifiers

Words matter. Vocabulary creates culture. Identifiers have a way of forming identity. Learned this early in my Christian experience. By God’s grace I was saved into a group of believers that took words seriously. Who were careful to try and … Continue reading

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The Freedom of Identity

It was the last thing they expected. In a journey of many unexpected turns, they didn’t see this turn coming. In three years of seeing innumerable signs and wonders performed, they could never have conceived witnessing this. With every paradigm … Continue reading

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Mouths Wide Open

Like an old, familiar friend it jumps off the page this morning. That’s the beauty of God’s enabling to read through the Bible each year — you’re never more than 365 days away from old friends. From familiar passages made … Continue reading

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I’m increasingly aware that we operate out of a sense of who we are. That our identity, or our perceived identity, will dictate our values, our priorities, and our behaviors. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that if we have … Continue reading

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His Possession with A Promise

If you think about it, if Paul’s identity had been found in Paul’s occupation or position of influence, Paul’s self-esteem and sense of self-worth should have been taking a major hit. Maybe the transition from being a Hebrew among Hebrews … Continue reading

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