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Rab Shalom

“How’s your heart?” It’s a question my girls regularly ask me, and each other, these days. “I can see how you’re doing life on the outside,” they’re saying, “but what’s the state of affairs on the inside?” Truth be told, … Continue reading

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Wasted Worship

Worship is a terrible thing to waste. Technically, there’s only so much of it anyone can give. Only so much energy that can be called upon for worship, only so much time available to be directed toward worship. And the … Continue reading

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That He Would Know, That We Would Know

What lay before them was daunting. But what lay behind them had been no cake wake either. To move forward and live according to the promise meant leaning into the battle, trusting God for the victory. But the wilderness they … Continue reading

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It’s Not Me . . . It’s You!

There was a drift happening. Once they had been very tight, now, not so much. Once they had fully trusted in his authority, his words, and his motives. Now they weren’t so sure. The bro-mance (as in brothers and sisters … Continue reading

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Heart Matters

God is judge. He is the Mighty One, God the LORD, the final arbiter. He carries pure and just scales and will measure according to perfect holiness. And in Psalm 50, He comes calling (50:1-6). The songwriter envisions God speaking … Continue reading

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A Clean Heart

Every so often I encounter those who seem to be on a bit of a crusade against using “Christian-ese.” You know, those terms we use in the church that we all know but are foreign to outsiders. Those common phrases, … Continue reading

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Guard Your Heart

Kind of a one two punch this morning. Set up with the “left hand” in Hebrews 4 . . . the “right hook” coming in Proverbs 21. Less about intense conviction, more about a sober reminder. Don’t think I have … Continue reading

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