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Proactive Praise

Would it be true to say that, most often, we praise God after something He’s done? That we thank Him, usually, as a response to having received? Not saying this isn’t right. Throughout the psalms there is exhortation to sing … Continue reading

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Befitting and Beautiful

Honestly, I don’t get songless saints. I can’t enter into the mindset of believers who, when gathered with God’s people to worship, look bored. Whose lips don’t move. Whose eyes are glassed over. Who’d rather talk to the person next … Continue reading

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His Steadfast Love Endures Forever

Some portions of Scripture you kind of need to work at if you really want to pick up what’s being laid down. Not so much with Psalm 136. Instead, with this song the table is set clearly and without ambiguity. … Continue reading

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A Bit of Wisdom in the Morning

Who doesn’t want to be considered wise? Who wouldn’t want to be characterized as being attentive and discerning. To be known for diligently considering the ways of life, for drawing the right conclusions and then, acting upon those considerations in … Continue reading

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A Garment of Praise

Jesus claimed the prophet’s words as His own. On that Sabbath day in the synagogue, the carpenter from Nazareth read the words from Isaiah 61 and declared that in Him they were fulfilled (Luke 4:18-19). As He sat down, many … Continue reading

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The Offering that Glorifies God

It is the sacrifice that beats all other sacrifices. The offering which tops all other offerings. While the cost of such an offering is affordable to all, it appears that it is of unmeasurable value to God. The sacrifice of … Continue reading

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Just Like David Did

Wasn’t planning on “re-cycling” this morning. But as I went back over my posts on today’s readings from past years some thoughts from August 11, 2011 stirred me. Thought I’d re-work them a bit and share them again. My own … Continue reading

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