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A Pleasing Theme

I’ve heard stories of songs that have come to composers almost instantly. An idea is seeded, an inspiration blooms, and, before you know it, a song is written. Verses and choruses emerging from nothing in just a very short time. … Continue reading

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You Need a King!

Wrapped up Judges this morning. Heavy sigh! What a train wreck. The book finishes with three accounts of incidents which occurred “in those days, when there was no king in Israel.” Not necessarily chronological, occurring after the days when Samson … Continue reading

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A Heart Song

You start in on the song and it’s not long before you sense that these verses addressed “to the king” transcend any known king at that time and are intended to point to “the King.” Any doubt of that is … Continue reading

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What I Have Written I Have Written

When they asked the question, it was with such promise. When they used the title, it was with a hush of reverence. When they offered their gifts, it was to give glory and honor to the name. Now after Jesus … Continue reading

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Behold Your King!

I like gazing upon a Nativity scene. I can overlook the historical inaccuracies of shepherds and magi and angels gathered all together under a bright star to surround a new mom and a proud dad gazing down into a straw-filled … Continue reading

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