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Walking with the Wind

If He’s more like a breath than a beacon, then how do we know when He’s been leading us? If, though we sense His presence, we don’t actually know where He comes from or where He goes to, then how … Continue reading

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Under the Influence

A bit overwhelmed this morning. Awestruck, as a truth I’ve known for most of my Christian life hits home with a renewed clarity. I am under the influence. Paul’s pretty clear in my Romans 8 reading this morning: if I … Continue reading

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Fuel for Faithfulness

Perhaps what’s as inspiring about the apostle Paul as anything else is his unwavering sense of call and purpose. Maybe that’s what encounters with the risen Christ on a road to Damascus can do to a guy. Whether it was … Continue reading

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With the Spirit, To the Father, In the Name of the Son

It’s a command to be obeyed manifesting itself in four outcomes. It’s not a check-off-the-box, once-and-done command. While it begins with a once-for-all experience, the nature of the command is such that it “must continue thereafter as a moment-by-moment process” … Continue reading

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