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She Ate the King’s Meat

This morning I read the first couple of chapters of Esther. Hovering over chapter two. And something about Esther strikes me — she ate the king’s meat. Esther and Daniel were contemporaries. Both Jews. Both taken from their homeland. Both … Continue reading

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Under His Wings

Reading Ruth is kind of like engaging in a “Where’s Waldo” book. No, I’m not on the lookout for some skinny dude in a striped red shirt with a beanie on. Instead, I’m actively trying to spot Jesus. In particular, … Continue reading

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An Audacious Ask

He had ascended the mountain and the LORD had descended in the cloud. He had taken his position in the cleft of the rock, and God had covered him with His hand. He had longed to get up close and … Continue reading

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A Child of Promise

He was the kid no one thought would ever be. A miracle child. Defied all the laws of nature. Even giving million-to-one odds that he’d be born would have been generous. But with God nothing is impossible. And after he … Continue reading

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Sated with Favor

Nothing too deep this morning, just something that brings a certain measure of delight. No new insight, but a familiar infusion of well-being. A short three-word phrase written to another but I sense preserved for me. Three words taken out … Continue reading

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The Power of Grace

Wrapping up the book of Esther this morning. And so much to chew on. Beyond the mystery of a story in which God is so at work, yet never mentioned, there are so many different aspects of the story to … Continue reading

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Favor for the Foreigner

She had made the call. She was all in. Ready to leave her home and her homeland. Prepared to venture into the unknown. A Moabite by birth, she was now prepared to be an Israelite by choice. If her mother-in-law … Continue reading

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Tapping Into Grace

As the saying goes, “What you win them with is what you win them to.” So, for those of us who know that any merit we have before a holy God is by grace alone, we desire nothing more than … Continue reading

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Blessed, and Blessed Forever!

Recorded both in 2Samuel 7 and in today’s reading in 1Chronicles 17, it is, for me, one of the most moving accounts in all of Scripture. David desires to build a permanent dwelling where God’s glory might reside. No more … Continue reading

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