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Hovering over Jeremiah 31 this morning. Big idea? “There is hope for your future” (Jer. 31:17a). A disciplined people would eventually find grace in the wilderness (31:2). The God who called them on their sin, and sent them packing to … Continue reading

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A Perpetual Spring

It was quite the claim. Intriguing, in fact. To never be thirsty again would be wonderful. But to never have to come to the well to draw water again? That would be amazing! No more the daily burden of carrying … Continue reading

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Windows in Heaven

Situation? Desperate. Degree of hope? Near zero. Cynicism? Running high. Solution? Windows in heaven. Hovering over a phrase in 2 Kings 7 this morning which I’m taking out of context yet is providing a flood of comfort and confidence. Ben-hadad … Continue reading

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A “Both/And” Thing

It’s a song of depression. Of a “cast down” soul. The seat of human emotions in deep despair as waves of unrelenting trials break over the songwriter. Day and night tears are the psalmist’s food as a voice echoes continually, … Continue reading

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Come and Come

Reading plan done for 2021. So thankful for another year where, by God’s grace, I’ve been able to know God’s presence as I’ve chewed on God’s word. Thinking that I will likely begin my reading plan again sometime next week. … Continue reading

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All My Springs are in You

Hovering this morning over a song, Psalm 87, about a city called the “city of God.” A city founded by God. The city on the holy mount. The place in all of Jacob that God sets His affections toward more … Continue reading

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Right Love. Wrong Object.

When I read in the morning I always have my computer on and my online Bible program up on the screen. I can quickly do any cross-reference work that might be helpful to answer some question that comes to mind … Continue reading

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Sated with Favor

Nothing too deep this morning, just something that brings a certain measure of delight. No new insight, but a familiar infusion of well-being. A short three-word phrase written to another but I sense preserved for me. Three words taken out … Continue reading

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Satisfied in the Desert

It’s a prayer of Moses. Kind of amazing that it would have been preserved for so many years and found its way into a collection of songs by David and his worship leaders. The same sort of amazing I should … Continue reading

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I Come

Even in a bit of a fog, the invitation is clear. Though we got home way too late last night from a wedding we attended about 2.5 hours away, and I’m thinking I’ve gotten up way too early this morning, … Continue reading

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