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Hovering over Jeremiah 31 this morning. Big idea? “There is hope for your future” (Jer. 31:17a). A disciplined people would eventually find grace in the wilderness (31:2). The God who called them on their sin, and sent them packing to … Continue reading

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Seeing Isn’t Necessarily Believing

After all he’d been through, you might think it was a strange question to have to respond to. “Do you believe?” Fact, he was a well known beggar in town. Fact, everybody knew he’d been blind from birth. Fact, a … Continue reading

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Plentiful Redemption

Had a chat with someone yesterday morning about how hard it is to have potato chips or ice cream in the house. As in, if they’re in the house, they soon won’t be. As in, I can’t eat just one. … Continue reading

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Mouths Wide Open

Like an old, familiar friend it jumps off the page this morning. That’s the beauty of God’s enabling to read through the Bible each year — you’re never more than 365 days away from old friends. From familiar passages made … Continue reading

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It’s one thing to wonder at the limitless nature of God, it’s another to appropriate it as our own. One thing to acknowledge that with God there is goodness beyond comprehension, another to believe that He has bestowed all that … Continue reading

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A Friend of God

“Taste them again for the first time.” This Kellog’s Corn Flakes slogan from the 90’s was mentioned from the pulpit on Sunday as a way of introducing the sermon. When it comes to the word of God, God’s people would … Continue reading

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Open Wide . . . Again!

It’s happened before on this day in my reading plan. As I’m working my way through my reading plan, before getting to the Psalms, I’m thinking that I might “pen” some words around Joshua’s “as for me and my house, … Continue reading

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Tasting Salt Water

Let’s face it, often when we think about Peter, at least pre-pentecost, we’re likely to consider his failures. We’ll sometimes refer to him as impetuous Peter. Speak first, think later Peter. Ready, fire, aim Peter. Tells Jesus there’s no way … Continue reading

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