Plentiful Redemption

Had a chat with someone yesterday morning about how hard it is to have potato chips or ice cream in the house. As in, if they’re in the house, they soon won’t be. As in, I can’t eat just one. No such thing as a “small scoop.” I’m not a “sampler” sort of guy. Once I’ve tasted and seen it’s good, I’m gonna keep on tastin’ until there’s no more. Poof! Bag of chips gone! Abracadabra! Container of ice cream disappeared. I’m a consumer not a conserver. Fill me up!

Thinking this morning that what’s true of potato chips and ice cream in my life should also be true of my salvation. Fill me up!

O Israel, hope in the LORD! For with the LORD there is steadfast love, and with Him is plentiful redemption.

(Psalm 130:7 ESV)

Plentiful redemption. That’s what I’m chewing on this morning.

Redemption in abundance (CSB). Generous redemption (MSG). Redemption that overflows (NLT).

When it comes to God’s redeeming work, sourced in His steadfast love, it’s without measure. Exceedingly great. Multiplicative. Limitless.

And don’t I need a plentiful redemption?

One that not only has deep enough pockets that it can fully pay the price for my transgressions which I could never pay, but a redemption that is also able to ransom me fully from the bondage of sin and the fear of death. One that not only remits payment for sin but also provides rescue forever from slavery. I need a plentiful redemption.

But the generosity of redemption is only known as I appropriate it. The deep store of God’s steadfast love only experienced as I keep going to it.

To view being ransomed solely as an historic act and not a daily need is to take a pass on God’s plentiful redemption. For sure, I have been redeemed on that day when, by faith, I confessed my need for a Savior. But equally for sure, how I also need to be being redeemed. That’s what sanctification, my ongoing salvation, is all about–becoming more like the One whose image I bear. And it is also needful that, one day, I will be redeemed –delivered once for all from the limitations and frustrations of the old nature; the weakness and suffering of the physical flesh; and, the woes and weariness of walking through this world. That, says the psalmist, is why we are to hope in the LORD! For with Him is plentiful redemption.

Our redemption isn’t something to be rationed for fear we may tap its supply. Our ransom not something to be conserved for fear we might reach the limits of God’s saving grace. Not something, for fear of going overboard with it, to be stored in the cupboard, pulled out on occasion, sampled, and then returned to be accessed at some later time. Rather, my redemption should be consumed like I do when I have potato chips or ice cream in my house. Accessed frequently. Taken in fully. Without fear that it will run out, or that too much will somehow be bad for me.

Mine is to hope in the LORD. Every morning. In every way. For everything. With an appetite ready to be satisfied by the goodness of God. Knowing that there is an inexhaustible supply of redeeming grace available through God the Spirit, sourced in the once forever finished work of God the Son, determined by the sovereign purposes and promises of God the Father.

Hope in the LORD.

Access His plentiful redemption.

Bet you can’t eat just one.

By His grace. For His glory.

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