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The Ask of a Cast Down Soul

The songwriter pants for flowing streams of fresh water. Instead, salty tears are his food day and night. He longs for the days of yesterday when he often got to lead a festive parade up to the house of God … Continue reading

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Plentiful Redemption

Had a chat with someone yesterday morning about how hard it is to have potato chips or ice cream in the house. As in, if they’re in the house, they soon won’t be. As in, I can’t eat just one. … Continue reading

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A Sour Psalm

Some psalms are sweet. The taste they leave in your mouth after chewing on them is pleasurable. Psalm 23 would be a case in point. Oh the satisfaction of being reminded that the Lord is my shepherd. But it doesn’t … Continue reading

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But This I Call to Mind . . .

Lamentation. Not a word that’s used very much in everyday language. Maybe because it’s something no one really wants to experience, or even think about, in everyday life. But we’ve become kind of familiar with it as a family. Sometimes … Continue reading

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The God of . . .

God knew that eventually He would be the “kid” that neither team wanted. That one day, after His chosen people had settled in the promised land, they would line up all the gods along the fence and pick their favorite … Continue reading

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A Divine Dietary Substitute

The going was getting tough, and it was increasingly tough to get going. His was a cast down soul . . . bowed before the weight of the waves that crashed upon him. His was an internal, turbulent commotion that … Continue reading

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