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Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Tim

For others, they debated Him simply to try and trip Him up (Mark 12:13). But for a group of Sadducees, they had a theological bone to pick with Jesus. For them, the resurrection was problematic. It didn’t make sense. For … Continue reading

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This Life Only? Pity!

Sitting back after my readings this morning and wishing that Naomi could have read Paul. Bitter, she said, call me bitter! ‘Cause that’s how the LORD has made me. I once was full, but thanks to Him, now I’m running … Continue reading

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Those Who Belong to Christ

I know it’s not supposed to be about me. But this morning it ends up being about me. Maybe that makes sense considering I’m reading about the gospel preached by Paul. The good news that: . . .Christ died for … Continue reading

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It Makes All the Difference

Continuing to try to track the argument of a man racked with pain — emotional, spiritual, and physical. Job’s getting bolder but, at least for this guy in the chair, not always clearer. Nevertheless, here’s what I’m picking up from … Continue reading

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He Appeared!

Okay, so I’m thinking a rewrite of the old Easter hymn may be in order. Instead of “He Arose!”, perhaps it should be “He Appeared!” For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ … Continue reading

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Implications of Resurrection

Some in their midst — supposed brothers and sisters who gathered with them weekly to build up the church and take of the Lord’s supper — didn’t buy into resurrection. Oh, they knew that to fit in and get whatever … Continue reading

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A Resurrection Like His

I think about heaven. I’m guessing most Christians do. I think about seeing Jesus, singing with the saints, reconnecting with loved ones, and being done with a world full of sin, corruption, and death. But I don’t know that I … Continue reading

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