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God and The Community

Trying to get a head start on the grandkids this morning, and two of today’s readings come together to form a thought that I’m not sure I can clearly put down in a few words. But here goes . . … Continue reading

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Disputed Matters

I think the reality of it is that it’s hard to learn and apply important life lessons “real time”, at the moment they are actually needed. Best case scenario is that you’re prepared for a situation in advance, have thought … Continue reading

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That They May Be One

An impossible standard? Perhaps. But Jesus not only doubles down on it, He triple downs, and even quadruple downs. If repetition is emphasis, then the Spirit is shouting this morning. “And I am no longer in the world, but they … Continue reading

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Come Together

I don’t think it’s “proof-texting.” You know, that practice where you find Scriptures that say what you want to say? But I do think it’s a text that gives further proof of what has been on my mind over recent … Continue reading

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The Dynamics of Division

Divisions in the church. That’s the non-inspired heading in my bible for 1Corinthians 3. That’s the overall topic Paul’s addressing. That’s the context. And as I sit back and look at my now colored page, it’s all the red-shading that … Continue reading

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