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Whole Lotta’ Abidin’ Goin’ On

Nope! The world’s no simpler this morning than it was last night when I went lights out. Surprise! Not surprised. So grateful on mornings like this for a Rock and sure foundation. So appreciate an unfailing place of stability. So … Continue reading

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Abiding in the Anointing

I’ve been meeting with a couple of guys over recent weeks. Different backgrounds, different current situations, different struggles. But I’ve been talking with both about the same thing–the need for a lifeline. And that lifeline is the word of God. … Continue reading

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I’m really not much of a cream guy. Cream, not like “in my coffee”, but cream like “on my skin”. Sure I’ll SPF 40 out of necessity, ’cause I’m not much of a sunburn guy either. And sometimes, when the … Continue reading

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Anointed. The term has been hijacked somewhat. Frequently, when someone says that someone else is “anointed,” it’s meant to convey they are special. That they aren’t your average, run of the mill Christian, but they have some rare calling or … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Thing

Though she intended it to be all about Him, somehow it would also become about her. Though she only wanted to honor Him, He determined to also honor her. Though she wasn’t looking to establish a legacy, yet she gained … Continue reading

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Our Anointing

They could be all dressed up . . . even have somewhere to go . . . but without this, they couldn’t get even in the door . . . literally. I’m wrapping up Exodus this morning. And the prevailing … Continue reading

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