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Seek Wisdom

The writer of Proverbs hears voices. The voices from “men of perverted speech” who delight in evil, on one hand, and the voice of “the adulteress with her smooth words” mocking covenant and commitment on the other. Their voices invite … Continue reading

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The Bereans

In the circles I traveled as a young believer they were lifted up as the gold standard for sermon follow-up. Though their time in Scripture’s spotlight was pretty brief, they’ve had a long lasting impact when it comes to being … Continue reading

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Buy Truth

Last night I worked on some budgeting with one of my girls. She and I sat together in front of a computer screen and an open spreadsheet–me typing, she telling me what to type as she looked on via FaceTime … Continue reading

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A Slippery Slope

Continuing in Romans 1 this morning. Yesterday I was reminded of the good news–the gospel, the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. The good news which reveals the righteousness which is of God, a righteousness that comes … Continue reading

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Throw Me the Lifeline!

David knew about cause and effect. He connected the dots between external circumstance and internal response. Know the ever present reality of oppression and distress without? Be consumed by darkness and mourning within. Experience unrelenting obstacles day after day? Be … Continue reading

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