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Thrive Through Thanksgiving

A couple of weeks ago I encountered a psalm that I thought was particularly suited for this season. A song helpful when it came to sheltering in place as it invited me to also shelter in the shadow of the … Continue reading

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The Heavens Remain Intact

The holy city had become a wilderness, Jerusalem but a desolation. The once holy and beautiful house of praise had been burned by fire. The pleasant places were in ruins (Isa. 64:10-11). And so the cry went up. Oh that … Continue reading

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An Escapee

Singing a song of ascent this morning, literally, to a tune I heard on a Gaither video (both likely written around the same time 🙂 ). An if / then song. If this had not been true, then that would … Continue reading

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No Footprints

There were no footprints in the sand. None as they looked at the impossible path before them. None evident as, by faith, they trekked amid walls of water around them. None as they looked back and saw only water where … Continue reading

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The Need for Deliverance

I have used the analogy repeatedly throughout the years — worse than being in a minefield, is not knowing you’re in a minefield. At least if you know it, you can do whatever you can to try and step carefully … Continue reading

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A Strong Hand

They were to remember the day. They were to commemorate it with a special feast. They were to pass its memory on from generation to generation, handing it down as a perpetual sign on their hand and memorial between their … Continue reading

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A Bit of Wisdom in the Morning

Who doesn’t want to be considered wise? Who wouldn’t want to be characterized as being attentive and discerning. To be known for diligently considering the ways of life, for drawing the right conclusions and then, acting upon those considerations in … Continue reading

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Unseen Footprints

Chewing on Psalm 77 this morning. Don’t know the situation, but recognize something of the symptoms. The songwriter speaks of sleepless nights when it was as if God were holding open his eyelids (v.4). Of a mind that can’t stop … Continue reading

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The Consequence of Compromise

It starts out as a trickle but quickly grows to a tsunami. At first it seems a minor exception due to some “chariots of iron” but it soon becomes a major defeat as a result of a lack of conviction. … Continue reading

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Making a Memory

Don’t know why, but as I read the familiar story in Exodus 12 this morning, something struck me as kind of odd. The mighty signs and wonders of God through Moses and Aaron have been escalating as has the pressure … Continue reading

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