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Things That Belong to Salvation

Chewing on the first twelve verses of Hebrews six this morning. Tough chewing. A lot of gristle. Hard to know exactly who is being spoken of as those who “have once been enlightened . . . and then fallen away” … Continue reading

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A Prayer for an Addiction

They didn’t apply for a role. They weren’t ordained for a task. No title. No job description. No standing, really. And yet, Paul says, “be subject to such as these.” Now I urge you, brothers — you know that the household … Continue reading

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To Serve is to Gain

Okay, giving myself a bit of freedom this morning to springboard from the primary context to make a wider application. Taking a specific observation and suggesting a broader principle. That serving others, while benefiting others, benefits the server as well. … Continue reading

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A Servant of All

One of the dangers of a daily reading plan, and especially one that has multiple readings in different areas of the Bible, is that the Scriptures get broken into “bit-sized pieces” and thus run the risk of becoming disconnected from … Continue reading

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A Conduit for Refreshing Hearts

It really was a big ask on Paul’s part. Receive back a runaway slave as a brother. No punishment, though it was due. No making him an example before the others slaves, though it would have been prudent. No demanding … Continue reading

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“I’ll take lesser-appreciated New Testament people for 800, Alex.” “Ok. And the answer to the question is: Paul said of him, ‘For I have no one like him, who will be genuinely concerned for your welfare. They all seek their … Continue reading

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Feet People

If I have the picture right in my mind, they were feet people. The scenario Jesus speaks about in my reading this morning is one in which there are some reclining at a banquet table and others who are serving … Continue reading

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On Being Addicted ( A 2009 Rerun)

Looking back on my journal, it’s apparent that I’ve been repeatedly drawn to a certain family mentioned in the closing thoughts of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. Here’s the passage that consistently jumps off the page . . . … Continue reading

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