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In the Right

I have an early morning airport run to make, so gonna be quick to jot down a few thoughts after starting in on Lamentations this morning. The city is empty. The sounds of weeping echo in the barren streets. Most … Continue reading

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He Regards the Lowly

Whoever the enemies David is referring to were, he was feeling their wrath. Because of them he awoke each morning in the midst of trouble. The opposition seemed relentless. Every day seemed like pushing a rope up a hill. The … Continue reading

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Hovering over the “God of all comfort” in the opening verses of 2Corinthians this morning. Ten times the word “comfort” appears in the first seven verses. How does that not register on your radar in times like these? To rephrase … Continue reading

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Consolations for Our Cares

The songwriter of Psalm 94 knew that all things work together for good, but those “things” were still working themselves out, and it wasn’t going very “good” right then. He knew that one day God’s vengeance would shine forth over … Continue reading

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A Formula for Flourishing

Throughout the book of Acts you find church “report cards.” Brief summaries of how the body of believers in Christ, born of the gospel, was growing and advancing as the Word was preached and the disciples testified of a new … Continue reading

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A Garment of Praise

Jesus claimed the prophet’s words as His own. On that Sabbath day in the synagogue, the carpenter from Nazareth read the words from Isaiah 61 and declared that in Him they were fulfilled (Luke 4:18-19). As He sat down, many … Continue reading

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He Looks Down

I read something this morning that was written specifically for me. Penned centuries and centuries before, the author, as well as the Divine Author, had me in mind. And so, as I chew on it this morning, I’m savoring the … Continue reading

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Being a Comforter

Kind of a crazy week. A dear sister and her husband eerily walking a similar path to what we walked over five years ago. Word that an associate of mine from the past recently lost a daughter who was just … Continue reading

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Jesus Aware

I suppose He might have seen the look on the faces of those who were offended and guessed what thoughts were running through their heads. Or perhaps during the woman’s display of extravagant worship He could have overhead the grumbling … Continue reading

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The Rock

Sometimes morning devo’s are just about reading and reflecting. After taking a bite, you just want to chew on it . . . not necessarily create a post about it. That’s this morning. So, after some noodle time on Psalm … Continue reading

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