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The Depths of the Sea

I’m no exploration buff. Can’t say I’m particularly well read (or even read, at all) when it comes to boldly going where no man has gone before. Instead, what I think I know, I know from the media. My sense … Continue reading

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Abundantly Pardoned

Reading in Isaiah this morning continues to take me back to my roots, rather, to my Rock. As the Lord God, through Isaiah, calls His disciplined people back to myself, I’m reminded of His call to me some 40+ years … Continue reading

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Yet . . .

As I looked back over my journal entries tied to today’s reading, for the past several years it’s been the reading in 2Chronicles that’s caused me to pause and reflect. And invariably it’s been on the same theme–voices. The voices … Continue reading

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Blemish or Blessing?

To be honest, I cringe every time I come across that name. There’s a part of me that wishes that it wasn’t mentioned at all. And there’s another part of me that wonders at God’s divine purposes in recording it … Continue reading

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The Gospel Covers the Gap

Travel day today. Made my way to a bit of paradise today to mark our 36th anniversary, remember the past 35, and take advantage of some extended quiet time (can Maui be considered one’s prayer closet? . . . hoping … Continue reading

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Failure’s Response

I know, I know . . . we’re all just sinners saved by grace. We’re not perfect, we’re still works in progress. God’s not finished with us yet. If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and make … Continue reading

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What’s He Thinking?

If I’m picking up what David is laying down this morning, then God sees me. Not just in some macro sense, as in, if God sees everything and knows everything then of course He sees me. Rather, it seems that … Continue reading

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Ready to Forgive

Back online . . . and hopefully, for awhile at least, back in routine. I’ve enjoyed the break. Enjoyed spending focused time with the family of God. Enjoyed a quick road trip south to central Oregon to connect with my … Continue reading

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Divine Forbearance

That David even had opportunity to write the song is, in itself, amazing. Think about it, this is a man who has been shown divine favor but responded with detestable failure. A man of extreme privilege who foolishly exercised such … Continue reading

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