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Ponder the Way

It’s a sanctification song. A song that aspires to holiness. David’s desire for personal holiness. And, David’s determination to do everything he can do to promote holiness within his kingdom. It’s a song born of a longing to model steadfast … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Meetings

The juxtaposition of the two meetings in Acts 15 hits me like a ton of bricks. The first meeting (15:1-35) involved Paul and Barnabas along with the apostles, the elders, and, it would seem, the whole church at Jerusalem–many of … Continue reading

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Abundantly Pardoned!

It’s one of those passages of Scripture that is known by almost everyone who’s been around the Bible for any length of time. Might not know much about Isaiah’s prophecy, but this they know. Not only do I believe it … Continue reading

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Abundantly Pardoned

Reading in Isaiah this morning continues to take me back to my roots, rather, to my Rock. As the Lord God, through Isaiah, calls His disciplined people back to myself, I’m reminded of His call to me some 40+ years … Continue reading

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Turn My Feet to Your Testimonies

It wasn’t that he listened to some bad advice. Instead, the new king Rehoboam shopped around until he found some counselors who told him what he wanted to hear. He looked for some outside confirmation of the folly he had … Continue reading

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On Added Days and Sins Behind the Back

A story I came across in my Isaiah reading this morning made me smile. Not that it was a funny or amusing or light story. But that it was a story that reminded that God cannot be put into a … Continue reading

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