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Gentleness and Respect

So, it appears I’ll be completing a trilogy of thoughts this morning as I wrap up 1 Peter 3. A couple of days ago I was challenged by entrusting myself to Him who judges justly (1Pet. 2:23b). About not having … Continue reading

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Words Matter

Wrapping up my reading plan for 2021. Hovering over something in Job 42 this morning. Something that’s been familiar in my other Old Testament readings recently, but that struck me as somewhat out of place here in Job. That God … Continue reading

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Speaking for Him Who is Manifold in Understanding

They were triple-teaming him. Eliphaz has tried to make sense of Job’s trouble, “As I have seen, those who plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same” (Job 4:8) — Job, you musta’ done something wrong! After Job defends himself, … Continue reading

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One Word

They were certain Paul had defiled the temple. Convinced he had brought unbelieving, uncircumcised, and unclean Greeks into the holy place. But it was based only on circumstantial evidence. They had seen Paul earlier with Trophimus the Ephesian. So, when … Continue reading

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A Word Fitly Spoken

I get that it just might be confirmation bias, interpreting what I’m reading this morning in support of something I’ve been sensing for awhile. But if that “sensing” has been of the Spirit, then I shouldn’t be surprised if He … Continue reading

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Restrained Words. Cool Spirit.

Pausing over a proverb this morning. Contemplating a saying and experiencing some conviction. Recognizing an “opportunity” here. Not gonna lie, these encounters of the divine kind can get a bit uncomfortable. Anyone who knows me, knows that I rarely make … Continue reading

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A Connection

I was listening to a podcast on “cancel culture” yesterday. And what was kind of interesting is that the commentators confessed they were somewhat fearful taking on the subject lest they themselves should offend and themselves be “canceled.” Probably not … Continue reading

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A Full Physical

Guard your heart, and it will impact how you live. Watch how you live, and it will protect your heart. That’s what I’m picking up this morning from what I think Solomon is laying down. Keep your heart with all … Continue reading

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Burden Bearers and Spokespeople

My somewhat impromptu decision to head down to San Diego last week for my grandson’s third birthday, while providing the huge blessing of being with far away family in 75+ degree temperatures, also resulted in a bit of a disruption … Continue reading

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A Reasonable People

It’s one of those verses that gets overshadowed. Sandwiched in between the better known and often quoted “Rejoice in the Lord always”, and “Be anxious for nothing” commands, I can’t really recall hearing much about this lesser known command. But … Continue reading

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