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Be Perfect. Really?

It’s a verse that, at first read, I’d just as soon skip over. Mark it “not applicable.” After all everyone knows nobody’s perfect. Jesus is setting the bar pretty high in His Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5:21-47). Angry with … Continue reading

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Cares and Riches and Pleasures, Oh My!

Pssst! Wanna know a secret? A secret of the kingdom of God? The seed is the word of God. Maybe, if you’ve had “ears to hear” for awhile now, that’s not too earth shattering. Perhaps, it’s kind of an old … Continue reading

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The Fruit of Righteousness

They had begun well. Paul wanted them to finish well. Though he was confident that the “good work” begun in them was of God, and that God would complete that work (1:6), he also knew it required their cooperation. Though … Continue reading

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Good News Proof of Good News Power

It’s the repetition that grabs your attention–that this is a big deal to Paul. Twice Paul writes that he and his cohort “could bear it no longer.” Here’s a guy who’s been through it all, but this, this is beyond … Continue reading

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Forgetful and Fruitful

We don’t know exactly how many years there were between the two boys, but we do know that Joseph and his wife had to come up with two baby names within seven years. And it must have been quite a … Continue reading

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The Harvest

God is in the fruit making business. That’s the testimony of Scripture this morning. I encountered two witnesses to that fact–one in the Old Testament ,the other in the New. And they testify that though the growing process might be … Continue reading

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Paul’s Win

He couldn’t take it anymore! Twice Paul says that he “could bear it no longer.” What was it that caused such anxiety for the beloved apostle? What was so taxing that this man who had been beaten with rods, stoned … Continue reading

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