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The God to Whom I Belong (2018 Rerun)

D, U, M, B . . . dumb!!! That’s what it was, dumb. A dumb decision to set sail. It was the majority decision, but it was the wrong decision. It was the expedient decision, the pilot preferring another port, … Continue reading

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Those Who Belong to Christ

I know it’s not supposed to be about me. But this morning it ends up being about me. Maybe that makes sense considering I’m reading about the gospel preached by Paul. The good news that: . . .Christ died for … Continue reading

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The God to Whom I Belong

Reading about Paul’s Mediterranean cruise this morning in Acts 27. I think he should ask for his money back. Poor sailing conditions. Bad decision making. A “tempestuous wind, called the northeaster.” All leading to being so “storm-tossed” that they “jettison … Continue reading

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