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On My Account

Hovering over the Beatitudes this morning. Simple laws of the kingdom. Laws concerning what renders someone blessed, what makes someone happy. Not laws as in edicts to be followed in order to reside in the kingdom, but laws as in … Continue reading

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Cares and Riches and Pleasures, Oh My!

Pssst! Wanna know a secret? A secret of the kingdom of God? The seed is the word of God. Maybe, if you’ve had “ears to hear” for awhile now, that’s not too earth shattering. Perhaps, it’s kind of an old … Continue reading

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Blessed Eyes and Blessed Ears

Many are the benefits of God’s grace. If God extended nothing but mercy for our sin, forgiving our sins on the merit of the once for all paid sacrifice of His Son that would be more than enough to thank … Continue reading

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