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God at Gibeon (2018 Rerun)

Slept in this morning. Time to read, not much time to process, even less time to type. But what grabbed me this morning in 1Kings is something I chewed on a bit 5 years ago. Rerunning that post for this … Continue reading

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Failure and Reproof

It really must have been an incredible moment. Paul in a face-to-face confrontation with Peter (Gal. 2:11) in front of everyone (v.14). Paul wasn’t setting himself in opposition to the “impetuous Peter” of the gospels, but the Pentecost preaching Peter … Continue reading

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The Triumph of Faith

At first glanceĀ it seems he failed to fully step up. First impression is that he was willing to play second fiddle when, in fact, he could have conducted the entire symphony. And, to a degree, that’s true. Barak from Kadesh-naphtali … Continue reading

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Even in Failure There is Glory

The promised land was the goal, but it wasn’t the end game. It was worth dedicating a life for but, ultimately, it wasn’t what life was all about. I need to remind myself of that this morning as I consider … Continue reading

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