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No One!

Sometimes, when all you can do is groan, you just need to remember: no domination, no accusation, no condemnation, no separation. Finishing up Romans 8 this morning. Considering the sufferings of this present time and that they are not worth … Continue reading

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Account Settled

They had “acted corruptly” (v.7), had “turned away” from the way the LORD God had commanded them (v.8). They had bowed down to a golden idol of their own making and declared it to be the god who had delivered … Continue reading

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Frustrated, Comforted, Exhilarated

Honestly, as I read this familiar passage again, I wish I could say it is reflective of my distant past rather than all too descriptive of my frustrating present. Again I nod my head, able to relate far more than … Continue reading

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They Walked Too

Hovering over the opening verses of John 8 this morning. You know, the ones marked with the note that says “The earliest manuscripts do not include 7:53 – 8:11.” Never really sure what to do with that. A. Skip them? … Continue reading

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In the Midst

Dead to rights. No escaping. Positively guilty. She had been caught in the act. And now they were hoping that He would be, as well. She had been busted playing loose with morals. They were pretty sure He’d be tripped … Continue reading

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