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Failure and Reproof

It really must have been an incredible moment. Paul in a face-to-face confrontation with Peter (Gal. 2:11) in front of everyone (v.14). Paul wasn’t setting himself in opposition to the “impetuous Peter” of the gospels, but the Pentecost preaching Peter … Continue reading

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Reproof. The Way of Life?

After reading Proverbs 6 this morning, was chewing a bit on the old adage, “Play with fire, you’re gonna get burned.” The fire of temptation, you don’t want to mess with it. Seems I was noodling on the same thing … Continue reading

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For Building Up, Not for Tearing Down

Paul had opened his heart to them. He had been gracious towards them. Though many among them questioned his authority and his sincerity, yet Paul was patient with them. He reasoned with them, he reminded them of what was true, … Continue reading

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A Word Fitly Spoken

I get that it just might be confirmation bias, interpreting what I’m reading this morning in support of something I’ve been sensing for awhile. But if that “sensing” has been of the Spirit, then I shouldn’t be surprised if He … Continue reading

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Rebuke is Just Fuel for the Fire

It’s a reminder of the role heat can play in promoting purity. Leave precious metals at room temperature and they can look pretty precious. But apply the right amount of heat and the dross becomes evident. A scum forms on … Continue reading

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The Way of Life

She must have been a beauty. Her allure bordering on irresistible. ‘Cause the father keeps warning his son about her, again and again, in these opening chapters of Proverbs. With the battingĀ of her eyelashes, she captures the unsuspecting’s attention (6:25). … Continue reading

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