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This Life

The church was on a roll! The gospel was being preached, and the gospel was being practiced. Those who believed were of “one heart and soul,” demonstrated as everyone of them held loose to their material possessions and were readily … Continue reading

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The Way of Life

She must have been a beauty. Her allure bordering on irresistible. ‘Cause the father keeps warning his son about her, again and again, in these opening chapters of Proverbs. With the battingĀ of her eyelashes, she captures the unsuspecting’s attention (6:25). … Continue reading

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Better Than Life

If anything has become clear over the past years, months, and weeks, it is how wired for life we are. In the good times we seek to maximize it. In the not so good times we will go to great … Continue reading

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Cup Half Empty?

Jacob’s conversation with his new landlord, Pharaoh, caught my attention this morning. He and his entire house had moved to Egypt. He had been reunited with the son he had loved above all his sons, the one who had been … Continue reading

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Solomon held nothing back. When it came to life, he was all in . . . peddle to the metal. If he could learn it, he’d study around the clock. If he could grow it, he’d devote acres to it. … Continue reading

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What We Do With Wisdom Matters

The cause-and-effect promises of Proverbs continues in my reading in chapter three this morning. Just as in yesterday’s consideration, Solomon again encourages his son, “Receive this and you can expect that.” And at the center of “this” is wisdom. According … Continue reading

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