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Agree with God

One of the tricky things about reading Job is trying not to snooze when the other guys are speaking. You know, the other guys — the “friends”, the “counselors”, the “comforters” — those who knew a thing or two and … Continue reading

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What More To Do?

He does all things well (Mk. 7:37). If that’s not one of the “official” attributes of God, I’m thinking it should be. Something I read in Isaiah this morning has me thinking it. In chapter five, Isaiah the prophet becomes … Continue reading

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The Fault Line

It would seem there are some lines you just don’t cross. Some boundaries you might walk up to the edge of but best go no farther. Some things that might be fair game but you better know when you’re out … Continue reading

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Acting Presumptuously

You’re not going to find it among the seven deadly sins. I’m not sure if I started brainstorming and did a brain-dump of all the types of transgression against God I could think of, that I’d even list this one. … Continue reading

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A Response, Not a Religion

On vacation and with no schedule . . . so doing double readings in my daily plan fit pretty well. As a result it creates a little bit of a different dynamic as I work my way through Psalm 119. … Continue reading

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Who Am I

Talk about being at the top of your game. Of having achieved. You’re looking down from the top rung of the ladder. You’ve won the Oscar, you’re holding up the Lombardi trophy, you’re sipping out of the Stanley Cup. It … Continue reading

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Divine Permission

I think I get the point of Jesus’ story in the first 16 verses of Matthew 20. Those who had received a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s labor really shouldn’t have had any gripe with the master of … Continue reading

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Abundant Goodness

It’s not the conclusion that the world would expect. Add it all up, and those outside the kingdom wouldn’t understand the songwriter’s math. The cause and effect equation just would not compute for most. But for David it wasn’t as … Continue reading

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The Faultfinder

Spent the last couple of days driving down to California to do Christmas with the family at the Scott River Lodge, the retreat center managed by my son-in-law and daughter. Although the lodge is more than big enough to accommodate … Continue reading

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Jeremiah declared there would be a day of dancing in Israel. Mourning would be turned into joy. Sorrow would be exchanged for gladness. They would feast in abundance and the people would be satisfied with God’s goodness. For the God … Continue reading

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