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A Magnifier Against God

Reminded this morning that the OT prophets weren’t sent just to warn unfaithful Israel of wrath to come but some of their ungodly neighbors as well. While these weren’t nations in rebellion to an irrevocable covenant spoken by a holy … Continue reading

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Getting a Grip on Age Enduring Life

I wonder how often we’re prone to think of eternal life as a future “to do.” That it’s something that starts after death. That it’s something we’ll have to wait to experience. Something we’ll figure out how to do later. … Continue reading

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Be Shrewd

To start with, he was a lousy manager. Lost track of inventory; couldn’t keep the books; really had very little idea of where the stuff was that he was paid to steward. No wonder he lost his job. But, he … Continue reading

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Loving Them By Letting Them Leave

Do not murder. Check. Do not commit adultery. Check that one too. Do not steal, do not bear false witness, do not defraud. Check, check, and check again! Honor your father and mother. Bam! Check one more. Six for six! … Continue reading

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