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Communion Amidst Confusion

“My soul is cast down within me” (ESV), sounds so poetic. “I am deeply depressed” (CSB), seems so much more connective. To speak of having a cast down soul sounds somewhat dramatic (cue the back of the hand to the … Continue reading

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A “Both/And” Thing

It’s a song of depression. Of a “cast down” soul. The seat of human emotions in deep despair as waves of unrelenting trials break over the songwriter. Day and night tears are the psalmist’s food as a voice echoes continually, … Continue reading

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Despair Consumed by Delight

Been noticing the Preacher’s heart as I’ve been reading in Ecclesiastes. He’s applied his heart to seek and search out wisdom (1:13). But he’s also applied his heart to know madness and folly (1:16). He has tested his heart with … Continue reading

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Joseph and His Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days

It’s easy, especially when it comes to well known stories we’ve heard since Sunday School, to read them again with the end in mind. To skim over details until we get to “the lesson.” To rush through the “back story” … Continue reading

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Making Sense of the Ups and Downs

At first read, you give your head a shake and then go back for a second read. And then you realize this guy is flip-flopping like a fish outta water. Or, as my friend used to say, emotionally he’s up … Continue reading

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Job and Jesus

Back in routine (sort of) after spending the latter part of last week back in B.C. with my grandkids (their parents were there too . . . I think). And, this morning, I’m partaking of Job and Jesus. I’m keenly … Continue reading

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The Missing Med

Over these past couple of weeks I’ve realized that there seems to be a med for everything. As part of getting set up to provide in-home care we were given what was called a “comfort kit.” Basically a counter top … Continue reading

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