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But You Said

You know he had to be thinking, “This was a mistake!” Sure, after 20 years it was time to return to the land of his fathers and get away from crazy uncle Laban– God said so (Gen. 31:3). So Jacob … Continue reading

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Unseen Footprints

Chewing on Psalm 77 this morning. Don’t know the situation, but recognize something of the symptoms. The songwriter speaks of sleepless nights when it was as if God were holding open his eyelids (v.4). Of a mind that can’t stop … Continue reading

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The Difference Adoption Makes

From time to time there’s the temptation to fall back. To do what you’ve stopped doing. To respond the way you used to respond. To go where you no longer want to go. Any number of things might trigger it, … Continue reading

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But You Said

He had survived the going away party, but he was worried that he might not make it through the homecoming gala. It had been angry uncle Laban and “his kinsmen” you had pursued Jacob and Jacob’s clan as they sought … Continue reading

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Fear Not . . . I Am With You

I guess there are saviors, and then there are saviors. There are the super-hero saviors who swoop in to rescue and then, just as quickly, fly away. Those who deliver from immediate danger, but may be busy somewhere else when … Continue reading

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The Hush of Grace

I’m hovering over the first part of 1Kings 19 this morning. And you can’t help but notice the stark contrast between the two mounts Elijah stands upon. The first, Mount Carmel, was a mount of victory (1Kings 18:20-40). The place … Continue reading

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Fear Mounds

Read a familiar story in Matthew’s gospel this morning, but with anything but a familiar impact. Kind of how the Spirit works . . . He will convict concerning sin (Jn. 16:8). Jesus told the story of a man who … Continue reading

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