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An Entrusted Stewardship

Perspective. It makes all the difference, doesn’t it? It’s the difference between the cup being half-full or half-empty. The difference between being discouraged by how far we have to go and being jazzed by how far we’ve come. And, as … Continue reading

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The Fifth Attribute (A rerun)

Came across something I wrote back in 2009. Back when I was still reading the NKJV, before switching to the ESV. Well before this current season of trial and testing. Thought I’d rerun it as is . . . no … Continue reading

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Solomon held nothing back. When it came to life, he was all in . . . peddle to the metal. If he could learn it, he’d study around the clock. If he could grow it, he’d devote acres to it. … Continue reading

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Looking to the Reward

Faith informs decision making. If there’s anything that the “Moses Exhibit” in Hebrews 11, Faith’s Hall of Fame, tells us, it’s that faith is more than just a creed. A living faith impacts our contemplations and our course-setting. When we … Continue reading

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Paul’s Win

He couldn’t take it anymore! Twice Paul says that he “could bear it no longer.” What was it that caused such anxiety for the beloved apostle? What was so taxing that this man who had been beaten with rods, stoned … Continue reading

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To Be Faithful Amidst the Fullness

It kills me to read 1Kings 11. Maybe, if he had had a lot less money, he could have afforded a lot less wives. Perhaps if he had a little less to possess he wouldn’t have become so bored with … Continue reading

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A Divine Partnership?

To call it a “divine partnership” almost seems presumptuous. After all, what can a mortal man offer that an eternal God doesn’t already have? What yoking could there possibly be between the Almighty Creator and His dust of the earth … Continue reading

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