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Better Felt Than Tell’t

Finished my readings this morning with Psalm 100. Chewing on the last verse. Savoring the last thing read this morning. Enter His gates with thanksgivingand His courts with praise.Give thanks to Him and bless His name.For the Lord is good, and His … Continue reading

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Hovering over Jeremiah 31 this morning. Big idea? “There is hope for your future” (Jer. 31:17a). A disciplined people would eventually find grace in the wilderness (31:2). The God who called them on their sin, and sent them packing to … Continue reading

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Jealous, Avenging, Wrathful, or Good? Yes!

They’re not side-by-side, but pretty close. Not much distance between Nahum 1:2 and Nahum 1:7 (maybe 3 inches). But, at first glance, they seem worlds apart. The LORD is a jealous and avenging God; the LORD is avenging and wrathful … Continue reading

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There’s Always a Benefit

Nobody’s looking for troubles. To avoid sorrow and suffering, if it were possible, might well be on everyone’s to do list. Hardship and hurt aren’t things we pencil into our calendars — rarely are they predictable, never do they wait … Continue reading

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God’s Good Hand

I’m not sure who said it, but as I hover over Ezra’s continuing story, I’m reminded of someone saying, “We’re all worship hogs!” But Ezra wasn’t. Though, within the heart of man, there might be the natural desire to want … Continue reading

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The Old, Old Story

Hovering over Psalm 136 this morning. A song of repetition. Not hard to pick up what the songwriter’s laying down: . . . for His steadfast love endures forever. Twenty-six verses in the psalm. Twenty-six times the heartbeat of the … Continue reading

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Complaining in the Cloud

It must have been quite some sight to see the 600,000 plus men, along with their wives and children, break camp and set out from Sinai (Num.10). To see the horde of the redeemed marching away from the world of … Continue reading

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His Steadfast Love Endures Forever

Some portions of Scripture you kind of need to work at if you really want to pick up what’s being laid down. Not so much with Psalm 136. Instead, with this song the table is set clearly and without ambiguity. … Continue reading

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A Gladdened Soul

There’s praise amidst the problems. Worship despite the worry. Thanksgiving even among the threat. That’s the overall sense I get as I noodle on Psalm 86 this morning. It’s a song of David. A “poor and needy” David as a … Continue reading

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Misery Loves Company

Prayed with a friend after second service yesterday. She updated Sue and I on the latest details concerning a trial her and her husband have been undergoing for some time now. And it’s not like encountering this trial has been … Continue reading

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