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Letting in Idols

They came to Ezekiel because he was a prophet of God. And they came because they were the elders of Israel. They were to lead and so they came to listen. But rather than being provided with some insight, the … Continue reading

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There Is No Other

As a people they had experienced it all. Having been delivered from bondage by God’s mighty hand, they experienced what it was to live under the cloud of His presence by day and the pillar of His light by night. … Continue reading

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Turning from Time Idols

This morning, chewing on two passages which make reference to idols. One speaks of the plight of those who make them, the other of the path before those who turn from them. One of the folly of bowing before gods … Continue reading

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Direct Your Heart

The crazy cycle of the judges continues in 1Samuel. Israel had again hit rock bottom. Having been handily defeated by the Philistines in a war undertaken in their own strength, the people of God saw the ark lost and the … Continue reading

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There Is No Other!

It’s not like they didn’t know it already . . . but they didn’t know it really. They had grown up being taught it–for many, they could recite great portions of it from memory. For generations they had interacted with … Continue reading

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Stop Limping!

It’s gotta be among the top 5 Bible stories. The odds are perfect for high drama, 450:1. And the tension in the air is palpable. Everyone’s cranky! The king’s cranky because Elijah won’t cut him any slack. The people are … Continue reading

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Looking in All the Wrong Places

Paul was nothing if not bold. It was one thing to proclaim the kingdom in a synagogue. Another to take it to the streets and engage people in discussion in the marketplace. But to stand in front of a crowd … Continue reading

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. . . You’ll Fall for Anything

Chewing on Stephen’s no-holds barred defense before the council. Less a defense perhaps, and more of a spanking. He is “a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit” (Acts 6:5) and stands before the religious elite falsely accused … Continue reading

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Loving Them By Letting Them Leave

Do not murder. Check. Do not commit adultery. Check that one too. Do not steal, do not bear false witness, do not defraud. Check, check, and check again! Honor your father and mother. Bam! Check one more. Six for six! … Continue reading

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Time Gods

It’s a pretty good word picture when you pause to reflect on it. Even more, it’s a pretty formative piece of information if it’s true. And, as I think about it, there seems to be a clear choice to make. … Continue reading

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