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Making Our Mundane Magnificent

“Welcome to your first day on the job. Listen carefully as I explain your duties. Open the door in the morning. Close it at night. Did you get that?” This morning, I’m hovering over some verses in 1Chronicles that have … Continue reading

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It’s A Gift

Help Wanted: Men to work in a top secret environment where others are not permitted. To labor on ground of such purity, and enveloped in such power, that a misstep could be your last step. Job has relatively little variety. … Continue reading

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Be Perfect. Really?

It’s a verse that, at first read, I’d just as soon skip over. Mark it “not applicable.” After all everyone knows nobody’s perfect. Jesus is setting the bar pretty high in His Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5:21-47). Angry with … Continue reading

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Living Outside of Legacy

He knew who he was, he just chose to ignore it. Aware of where he’d come from, he didn’t really want it to impact where he was going. Able to articulate his roots, but not all that willing to live … Continue reading

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A Privilege or a Pain?

Ask me to think about moving the ark of the covenant and I immediately think about the poor guy who instinctively put out his hand and grabbed the ark to keep it from falling when the oxen pulling the cart … Continue reading

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He was a runner. And runners run. Not that he ran for sport or for competition, but that he ran in support of, and in service to, his king. When David had been forced to flee Absalom, it was he … Continue reading

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Not About Who Am I, All About Who I AM Is

Yesterday our speaker at church talked about the need to ask the Lord to “throw out” people into the harvest. He pointed out that what’s translated as “send out” in Matthew 9:38 has the idea of driving out or casting … Continue reading

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