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Whoever is Simple, Turn in Here!

The one lady has, at great cost to herself, built a magnificent house, seven hewn pillars drawing the eye of those who pass by to its majesty. The other lady sits in front of a ramshackle dump. It’s in obvious … Continue reading

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Precious Thoughts

It really is about me . . . sort of. If the songwriter’s song was intended to become the reader’s song, and I think it was, then it’s about me. Twenty-two of the twenty-four verses have the word “I”, or … Continue reading

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New Wineskins

They weren’t crazy about John’s message, but his methods, at least, seemed in line. The amount of time spent in fasting by his disciples seemed consistent with what righteousness demanded. And they were seen offering prayers in the temple often … Continue reading

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Good Theology, Great Transformation

Paul’s concern was less about theology and more about transformation. Not to say that Paul wasn’t contending for the true gospel of God when he wrote the church at Galatia, but, more importantly, he was laboring as an expectant motherĀ about … Continue reading

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In Step with the Gospel

It was a big deal. And he had to be called on it. Though Paul valued Peter’s right hand of fellowship, he could not stand by silently when Peter took a wrong turn–not if it implied something about the gospel … Continue reading

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The Power of a Promise

He had done everything for her. She had done all she could to throw it back in His face. He set her up for success. She foolishly determined to fail. He poured out His love. She responded with shameless displays … Continue reading

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Under the Influence

There’s a foreboding about the summary of the reign of the kid king in 2Chronicles 24. You read the words and though they sound very familiar they don’t sound quite right. Common for the writers of Kings and Chronicles to … Continue reading

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Loving Them By Letting Them Leave

Do not murder. Check. Do not commit adultery. Check that one too. Do not steal, do not bear false witness, do not defraud. Check, check, and check again! Honor your father and mother. Bam! Check one more. Six for six! … Continue reading

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My Place in the Son

Reading in Acts 26 this morning ( . . . almost afternoon . . . I so enjoy Mondays!). Paul is speaking before King Agrippa, telling his story in defense of the accusations laid against him by the Jews. And … Continue reading

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Every Good Thing That Is In Me

To hear some Christians talk, you’d think the blood really doesn’t have all that much power and that the Spirit isn’t really all that able to sanctify. These people often declare they are still wretched . . . they are … Continue reading

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