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A Seat at the Table (2009 Remix)

Undoubtedly his father had great hopes for him. Like father like son, he envisioned him to be a great man of God. As was the norm, dad named him in accordance with that aspiration; he would be called “Exterminator of … Continue reading

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God of My Praise

Psalm 109 is a song written by one who had known betrayal. It is a psalm of David and David knew what it was to be betrayed. That it is messianic, pointing to Christ, is evident from verse 25 (see … Continue reading

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Pleasure in Insults

Chewing on some well recognized verses in 2Corinthians this morning. I say “well recognized” rather than “well known” because I think it’s going to take a lifetime to really “know’ these verses. ‘Cause just when you think you’ve gone through … Continue reading

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The Harvest of Your Righteousness

A cursory read might have you think that Paul was the first to preach a prosperity gospel. You know, a “give to God and wait and see how much He’ll give to you” version of the good news. The financial … Continue reading

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Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Tim

For others, they debated Him simply to try and trip Him up (Mark 12:13). But for a group of Sadducees, they had a theological bone to pick with Jesus. For them, the resurrection was problematic. It didn’t make sense. For … Continue reading

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Unimaginable Crazy!

Thousands! Saul had slain thousands of Philistines with the troops under his command. A reluctant leader at first, he had come into his own, giving the people exactly what they wanted — a king over them like all the nations, … Continue reading

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Paying Attention in Order to Avoid the Yoke

Kind of a powerful one-two combo this morning. Set up with a left jab in the New Testament and then taken out with a right hook from the Old. 2Corinthians 6:14 teaming up with Psalm 101 to remind me that … Continue reading

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Better Felt Than Tell’t

Finished my readings this morning with Psalm 100. Chewing on the last verse. Savoring the last thing read this morning. Enter His gates with thanksgivingand His courts with praise.Give thanks to Him and bless His name.For the Lord is good, and His … Continue reading

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Pragmatism and Power

Chewing on King Saul this morning. Actually, he’s kind of gnawing on me. First “aha”? Saul reigned as king longer than David did. Unlike my ESV, the CSB translators (along with the NASB and NIV translators) believe there’s a “typo” … Continue reading

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Even More Glorious

It was becoming an either / or proposition within the church. This town wasn’t big enough for the both of them. Corinth wasn’t big enough for the apostle Paul and the “super” (aka false) apostles (aka Judaizers). Someone had to … Continue reading

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